Wednesday, February 25, 2009

no updates?the reason is........

....i am on holidays @ Philippines & Singapore boys and girls
so no updates for few more days....
And yes i am having a wonderful time....
Loaded with 80 GB @ my I-POD.....
Be back online 14 march...
Until then have fun,stay cool & spread love all over the world!!!

ps. photo info:
Philippines,Cebu island,sunset @ white beach 23/2/09

Monday, February 9, 2009

Welcome To The Party (2008)

Copy from Jazzman records:

Here at Jazzman we are all about rescuing esoteric, forgotten and obscure auditory delights from yesteryear, and we unleash them onto a world that's starved for a musical alternative to popular dross. So many millions of songs, some good and many bad, have been recorded these past 50 years, yet so many of the amazing ones have slipped through the net, never to be heard of againà

Unfortunately the times present us with a situation where not everyone has access to a phonograph which will reveal the sonic delights of these plastic masterpieces. These unlucky individuals have yet to experience the hip-shaking soulful grind of Sheila Wilkerson, nor have they become enchanted by the Middle-Eastern twang of Egyptian drummer Salah Ragab and his Cairo Jazz Band. They have not been seduced by Della Reese as she swoons and sways her way around Hollywood's Playboy night club, and nor have they got down to the nitty-gritty low down funk of Bobby Williams & his Mar-Keys.

01 The Har You Percussion Group - Welcome To The Party 04:00
02 Sheila Wilkerson - Baby Your A Jive Cat 02:36
03 Salah Ragab - Egypt Strut 04:52
04 Little Beaver - Do Right Man 02:47
05 Noro Morales Quintet - Saona 02:38
06 Sohail Rana - Soul Sitar 02:07
07 Al Escobar - Tighten Up 02:47
08 La Lupe - Fever 02:43
09 Della Reese - It Was A Very Good Year 03:1
10 Bobby Williams - Soul Brother Party 06:29
11 Ricardo Marrero And The Group - Babalonia 03:28
12 The Natural Yoghurt Band - Soft Cheese 04:03

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