Tuesday, December 11, 2007

An invite to Black Athena's Christmas Party: 22.12.07 @ FUNK LAB

I have just receive this Black Athena's Christmas Party info,check them out,always good taste in music:

''A bit of an early heads-up on this one but we know many of you have packed social diaries at this time of the year and we didn't want anyone to miss out on our very special Christmas Party.
On Saturday the 22nd of December Black Athena will be getting you into the festive spirit and bringing you a very merry Christmas bash at Exarcheia's Funk Lab, an intimate little venue ideal for a Christmas get-together. As ever you can expect Future Soul, Hip-Hop, Deep Funk, Disco, Reggae, Detroit Techno & Jazz; as well as Christmassy treats and goodies for everyone helping to celebrate the holiday season in style.
We very much appreciate all of the support we have received from our extended circle of friends, family and regulars over the course of the year so hope to see as many of you as possible down there on the night for a little Christmas drink and a dance.''

Saturday the 22nd of December
FUNK LAB, 15 Tsamadou, Exarcheia, Athens
Doors: 10.30pm
Free Entrance

Black Athena
E: black-athena@hotmail.com
W: www.black-athena.com

Listen to Black Athena live every Saturday & Sunday, 1-3pm on Athens International Radio 104.4FM or via: www.athina984fm.gr.

Friday, December 7, 2007

New Urban Disco Synch Online mix!

Its been a long time since i upload a new post,you know why,still staying at friends house with
no internet.I am really missing the communication through my blog and posts.
Anyway enough with the drama queen feeling about the blog....
Today i have for you the new ''Urban Disco Synch Online mix'' by CHEVY & ALEXEES.
Dont forget to check them out at Yoga Bala,Saturday,15 Decemper 2007.
More info about the venue on the flyer...

About the mix:

Urban Disco Synch Online Mix - December 2007

LCD Soundsystem - 45:33 A Side - DFA
Affinity - Don't Go Away (Runaway Dub) -Island
Ame - Tonight (Dub) - Mule
Division by Zero - Boulderdash - Eskimo
Goat Dance - In The System (Loggaphon Remix) - Bear Entertainment
Chow Daddy - Never Fade - Moxie
Supermayer - The Art of Letting Go (Ewan's Daft Funk Instrumental) - Kompakt
Warriors Theme (Skinny Joe Edit) - Mindless Boogie
Force of Nature - To The Brain (Prins Thomas Mix) - Mule
Pamela Joy - Think Fast - Pizazz
Faze Action - Disco Warrior (Dub) - Faze Action
Still Going - Still Going Theme - DFA
(don't remember)
Rolling Stones - Heaven - Virgin

lichen or download (right click,save as....) HERE:

Take care....

Saturday, November 17, 2007

still homeless.....

Probably 2 more weeks without home....
(and no internet so i can update my blog regularly).
I just move out Kostas house to Alexis house.
Thanks man for the hospitality.
SAT 24/07 i will spin some tunes at b-bluz@halandri.athens (photo).
stay tuned for more info about the gig.
just 2 mp3's today:

download mp3:the persuader-slussen erot go dub mix

download mp3:sunbear-i heard the voice of the music say


Thursday, November 8, 2007

Cast a Blast,November, 9 2007 at Blastin’ fridays: dj’s Nickodemus (turntables on the hudson) & Drm (bastard jazz) @ Kyvos

Nickodemus about himself:

In 1990, my brother gave me my first Turntables :) With lots of practice & tolerance from my parents, came my first DJ gigs. Me & a crew of friends made lots of noise. We organized warehouse/ garage parties every month. I played Hip Hop with a mix of my Dad's old Soul, Funk records plus the House Music my sister picked up from Downtown Records in the city. Tito Roc came out from Uptown every month & rocked new & old House music and Hip Hop. Bucky & Jeff spun the best Dancehall and Reggae at the time. Russ Starke would occasionally jam along on guitar or with his band called Silas Lang. This was the crew- It all started very locally.

Soon to follow, a club called Caffeine opened up which brought together 1,000's of kids from all over the Island. DJ's Tom La Roc, Nick Pepe, DNA, Jim Felli, Micro, Onionz, Derek Sessions, Omar, Samir and many more were representing to the fullest out there! I'm proud to say that I came out of that same movement of music lovers who were always trying to make something happen in the burbs.

In '93 I moved to the Lower East Side. I heard about this party called Giant Step that incorporated DJ's spinning Hip Hop, Funk & Jazz with live Musicians. Since I was too young to get in, I went to one of the daytime outdoor festivals & handed my mix tape to this a guy named Marc Labelle. Thanks to him, Jonathan Rudnick & Maurice Bernstein, Giant Step turned into a regular gig that gave me a real chance to test and explore new & old music to an amazing group of party people. Respect to DJ's Smash, Jazzy Nice, Swingsett, Chillfreeze, Urban Tap, Nappy G & all the Groove Collective musicians for making it all happen.

Shortly after, I started spinning records with the Organic Grooves crew in the basement of Bar XVI. It was a great place where we explored more of the World, funk, electronic & dub sounds out there. Again, I found myself jamming with musicians, creating a thick dubby percussive sound that lived up to it's name. DJ Sasha dug up some really rare grooves while Zeb (guitar/ effects), Mariano (congas) & Mike T (bongos) kept the dancefloor alive. Respect to Alex Gloor for his guidance in keeping it Cosmic!

At the same time, a friend named Jon Lin & I were busy creating underground events at the Antique Cafe, The Frying Pan & any parking garage or loft that we could use for a night. We were incorporating various styles of music into one night in very unconventional spaces. In a night, you may have heard dj DB or Dara spinning Drum & Bass, Johnny Sender spinning Funk & Rare Grooves, Derek Sessions spinning deep soulful House, Tomas (Mammal) spinning all of the above;) Respect to Carol C (spinning Drum & Bass), Tessa & Karla, three of the best promoters that helped make those events happen.

In the Fall of 1998, Mariano found a very unique space, separate from all NYC inhabitants. The space was simply a concrete deck on the edge of a Pier, behind an indoor Ice Skating rink. We convinced the Chelsae Piers to let us throw parties on the Deck. We decided to finally have a space & a party that we called our own. We asked old school Giant Step alumni, Nappy G to join us on percussion & we started NYC's first outdoor party on the Hudson! http://www.turntablesonthehudson.com/ The sound was everything we loved from Hip Hop to Funk, House to Latin, Big Beat to Reggae. Basically, we wanted to be free of the boundaries that confined most dj events to one style of music. From the party came our first compilation in 1999 on our newly created record label called Rhythm Love Records.


Brooklyn's DJ DRM (aka Aaron Schultz) has traveled the world over DJing his own brand of eclectic party rockers, jazzy beats, classic dancehall, midtempo breaks, downtempo and dubbed out broken sounds. As co-founder and label manager of Brooklyn's Bastard Jazz Recordings, Aaron has been the driving force behind an a label that’s become known for it's tasteful, dancefloor style that consistently straddles the line between down and up-tempo beats, but yet remains eclectic, drawing heavily from the tide pools of dub, jazz, hip-hop, and latin music.Aaron is also the man behind two highly regarded NYC parties, Digging Deeper – Bastard Jazz's monthly Thursday event focused on the entire spectrum of organic, dancefloor music, and the Dubwise Sessions, a monthly exploration of all music Jamaican that's at the very forefront of the new Brooklyn underground dub & reggae scene.


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Quick update and two mp3

Still haven't move to the new house and is difficult to make proper update
as i have to visit friends houses with my laptop to use their internet.
Hopefully in 2-3 weeks i will move in and be able to spend more time with
the blog.
At the moment i spend most of my time finishing the last details at the house.Have you ever build a house?
If yes,you know what i mean.
I cant wait until its over and i have settle in finally.
So today for you just 2 mp3 from what we heard at the legendary by now
bbq@alexees (see older posts for info & photos).
left photo the master of re-edits Greg Wilson (check the mp3)

lishen mp3:
download mp3:dc la rue-cathedrals (greg wilson edit)
lishen mp3:
download mp3:every way but loose (larry levan remix)-plunky & oneness of juju

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

BBQ@ALEXEES (sunday 28 oct)

As i promise,the photos from Alexees bbq party are finally online.
This was one of the best parties ever really.
music providers of the bbq was Lee Douglas,Andrew lovefingers,Alexees,Dimitri K,Kostas and
other guests (sorry boys & girls,cant remember your names).
History hint:this great party has take place at Alexees home@athens the day after Lee Douglas & Andrew lovefingers invade the decks of happycloud@psirri ,athens...
Thanks guys...
Both nights,at the club and Alexees house, are really something to remember....Big smiles!!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007


Back to Athens!!!
No update as i came back in the city on Friday night so i am still settling down.
No internet connection yet so no time today for serious update as i am using friend's pc.
Saturday night at HappyCloud@Psirri,Athens with Lee Douglas & Andrew Lovefingers was really a night to remember.
Sunday afternoon the duo played also at the barbecue party of Alexes.
One of the best parties ever!!!!nice one Alex!!!!What a night......
Photos from the great party in a couple of days.
Really too many things to do now.....

Monday, October 22, 2007

VANGELIS-let it happen (1973)

Earth is the first solo album by the Vangelis, released in 1973. It is a prime example of the progressive rock of the day.
''Let it happen'' included here is a tune you can find
at the moment in several dj's playlist.
The vocals is by F. R. David (born Eli Robert Fitoussi, Menzel Bourguiba, Tunisia) is a Tunisian-born French singer.
A great remix of the tune came out recently by Lindstrom (Solale on vocals).Listen both and make your choice.

mp3:vangelis-let it happen
mp3:Lindstrom & Solale-let it happen

Saturday, October 20, 2007

mp3 from tonight's gig (Don Giovanni@Portokali,zante)

Rain,rain & rain...
haven't see so much of it 7 months...
Jackets are out, hello winter.Some snow in north Greece hope it gets more and the snow resorts have a fine season,not like last year with the snow lasting just one month,disaster for the snowboarding lovers like my self.
Tonight just to remind you is last party of Guerreros De Luz at PORTOKALI,Argassi,Zante,Greece.
Dimitri k from Guerreros duo will be not present tonight (chilling out in Athens).So today i have for you some tunes from my tonights playlist.

Don Giovanni playlist tunes:

mp3:dj almost-beats heavy
mp3:tito's way(lindstrom & prins thomas remix)-the juan maclean
mp3:voom voom-oggi
mp3:supermayer-please sunrise

Friday, October 19, 2007

WPS1 Art Radio - Warm Up 2007 - LEE DOUGLAS mp3 mix

Just to warm you up for upcoming set of LEE DOUGLAS@Psirri Athens OCT 27/2007


WPS1 Art Radio - Warm Up 2007 - LEE DOUGLAS

See you all @Psirri Athens OCT 27/2007...
Till then enjoy this really great mix so you know what hit you next saturday.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


My last Saturday night at my beloved island of Zakynthos.
7 months pass already,seems like yesterday when i came here for work and now i have to say
goodbye to people and places i love.
its not easy.......
Athens here i come...
summer circle is over and winter circle is about to begin.
I am looking forward to see my friends in Athens and catch up with them.
Some friends i will never see as they are not part of this dimension anymore,all my love George wherever you are.....
But also new arrivals,welcome Anastasia (daughter of my friends Panos & Voula).
Aki,Nantia good luck with the twins....you will need it!!!!!!!!
All the best in your new beginning in Singapore...
Fotis,Stavroula congratulation's for the daughter...
Kosta is time to settle down man ,you getting to old for this....
One day i will read for you in the tabloid press!!!!ha ha ha
So this saturday 20/oct/07 after the wedding of Tasos my dear friend with Rania,all the best for both of you guys,is the last party of the season at PORTOKALI lounge bar,restaurant in Argassi,Zante.
The second member of guerreros de luz,Dimitri k is already chilling out in Athens,so i will
be alone on the decks delivering re-edit & dubby soundzzzz.
See you there....


Alex Storrer alias Lexx is one of Zurich's finest. His musical adventures began in his early teenage years. After being a die-hard Depeche Mode fan, he stumbled equipped with white jeans and soft Wallabees across clubs and DJs that hosted a variety of stone cold sounds. Herb Alpert's "Rotation" was on the menu as well as other sweets consisting of Disco, Hip Hop and early House. They used to call it dance music...and that is what people did to it.
But then Hip Hop came along his was and Lexx was on the forefront of the Swiss scene. Together with Bligg he formed Bligg'N'Lexx and was on the brink of a Rapstar's career.
Unfortunately or in this case fortunately, Lexx soon noticed that this style wasn't his and he cut his bonds to that way of doing music. After a 10-inch with his first Disco edit for Headman's Relish label, he released an album of Hip Hop instrumentals with a strong psychedelic edge in 2002 and was a DJ for the Loud Minority nights at the legendary club Dachkantine.These days, he is pretty much somewhere in the DeepDubDiscoHouse range with Balearic records for the great Bear Funk label or releases on Drum Poet Community under his more techy Kawabata disguise. If you ever spend a weekend in Zurich, make sure that you catch him at the fresh and infamous "Zukunft" (future) which will be his anyway.

mp3:lexx-symptom of the sea

mp3:lexx-slow burning


Lexx- "october 2005" mix (cosmic disco - deep house) download

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Black Athena presents Lee Douglas & Andrew Lovefingers (Saturday the 27th of October,One Happy Cloud, 12 Aristofanous St, Psirri, Athens)

EVENT: Black Athena presents Lee Douglas & Andrew Lovefingers:

On Saturday the 27th of October Black Athena present the highly anticipated double act of re-edits master Lee Douglas (Rong Music, NYC) & Andrew Lovefingers (Black Disco, L.A.) who will be winging their way to Athens to grace the decks of the newly revamped One Happy Cloud in Psirri. Expect soulful and psychedelic sounds spanning the entirety of disco, Balearic, funk, cosmic, re-edits, bootlegs and more.
Entrance is free and the warm up comes courtesy of DJ Alexees (Boogie Dub Social Club/Urban Disco).

Lee Douglas is an integral member of New York’s super cool Rong Music label where stable mates include the cream of the nu-disco/re-edits scene (Prins Thomas, Rub’n’Tug, Chicken Lips, Daniel Wang, Beppe Loda etc..) Rong Music specialise in lingering cosmic disco, spaced-out Balaerica, warped Italo sounds and sweetly soulful funk rhythms and Lee Douglas fits the blueprint to a tee with his hypnotic chord-heavy, dubby disco. His DJ sets span Harvey style edits, deep synth grooves and celebratory, string laden disco and he has quickly become synonymous with the new sound of New York.

Andrew Lovefingers is a collector, collator and connoisseur of all things music. With his Black Disco night in L.A., and his audaciously in-depth labour of love, the Lovefingers mp3 archive, he has firmly placed himself in the pantheon of noughties music-heads. He is a DJs DJ and regularly delights audiences with his kaleidoscopic knowledge of music for the dance floor

DJ Alexees is a well-known face on the Athens DJ circuit having put on parties under the Boogie Dub Social Club and Urban Disco banners. He is a disco-dub aficionado with a record collection that reflects his deep love for dance floor delights.

Saturday the 27th of October
One Happy Cloud, 12 Aristofanous St, Psirri, Athens
Doors: 11pm
Free Entrance

Black Athena
E: black-athena@hotmail.com
W: www.black-athena.com
T: 6976429070/2111198058

dj STORM fri,oct 19,2007 jazzupstairs GURU (Athens)

The First Lady of drum’n’bass blowing up the decks in Athens fri,oct 19,2007.
All you lovers of this style dont miss this gig,dj storm pioneer figure in Metalheadz records.
The story of cource involves her partner on decks kemistry.
Kemistry & Storm were an integral part of the uprising of this most-respected imprint, by recruiting artists, and working on press and promotion for the label. The girls were also residents at the Headz legendary club night at Blue Note in London, which to this day is thought to be the best Metalheadz venue in history.
Tragically Kemistry, was suddenly killed in a car accident as they were returning from a gig in April 1999.
The pair were a unique and pioneering element in our scene, as the only female duo in the circuit, each with a strong identity which perfectly complemented eachother’s style. They were even quoted in interviews as saying they felt like one person, and there was not a moment they could imagine working separately.
Having the music beside her, Storm has found a way to carry on as an artist. As what she and Kemi shared, more than anything else, was this undeniable passion for drum’n’bass. So with her dubplates in hand, she continues the journey, with an angel in mind and the bass to keep her moving.

sister sledge - lost in music (1979)

I am trying to write a comment about this song but all i have in my mind is
''lost in music....caught in a trap'',so just take the lyrics and watch the video..
big smiles with this one......
view lyrics here

Kruder & Dorfmeister

So who are Kruder & Dorfmeister?

Well, basically two guys mainly known through their successful dj-sets and a respectable record of vinyl-releases since 1993. A dubplate-melting factor from Vienna. Two producers/djs/remixers whose distinctive trademark sound is at most times extremely mellow, has a lot of bass, downbeat tracks and a sense of epic soundscapes. There might be the occasional double-time breaks and the heavy and deep typically viennese feeling.
Consider K&D to roam in their own, unique realm of musical beutekunst that owes and gives a lot to rare funk tunes, electric jazz arrangements, the feeling of deep soul, hiphop, dub, reggae, ambient, fusion, brazil, chansons, dope beats and drum+bass and still a lot more influences that happen to find the interest of the two austrians.

At a time when hip hopbeats started to emancipate themselves from the rapping and everyone started to pay highest attention to the blooming breakbeat scene in the UK, K&D broke through out of nowhere with one 4-track e.p. (G-stoned) that featured a hypnotic track called High Noon and a cover that showed the dj-duo in true Simon & Garfunkel form, straight out of Richard Avedon anno 1969.
The impact was massive, especially since the first wave of enthusiasm came from the UK where musical imports from the continent are seldom appreciated. Gilles Peterson played the track at first on his famous now called Worldwide-show.
Gathering momentum with support from people like Wall of Sounds Mark Jones and tracks for fellow Austrians Count Basic or strange people like William Orbit, the further story of K&D and Richard's Tosca project is well documented on various compilations and twelve inch releases. They met people like the Ninja tune posse, touched base with the leftfield dance, befriended Munich's Compost crew, remixed artists as diverse as Bomb the bass, Bones thugs & harmony, Alex Reece, United Future Organisation, Rockers Hifi (the K&D version was used in the video of "Going under"), Lamb, Roni Size, Depeche Mode and dj-ed in more clubs than you would care to count.

few mp3 today from this fantastic Austrian duo....
dont miss the classic remix of lamp-trans fatty acid .

mp3:high noon
mp3:original bedroom rockers
mp3:lamp-trans fatty acid (kruder&dorfmeister remix)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Magical Ring "Light flight/More and more" Chicago 2000, 1977

Not really many info about this electronic music classic from 1977.
For sure is a rarity and the price of this precious vinyl is 200+ euros.
One word about the label. Chicago 2000 was based in Paris and started its activity in 1972. It was in one way or another link to the Auvidis label and as such some titles from the catalogue were commercially available. I don't know much about the composers but one name is common to all the tracks, Jean-Pierre Decerf. Not much info about him on the net.

I think this Magical Ring LP really deserves your attention, the track "Black safari" even have all what it takes to become an electronic Library Music classic. So, enjoy and don't forget to drop me a line to if you have more info about this.

Download:Magical Ring "Light flight/More and more" Chicago 2000, 1977

Friday, October 12, 2007

Visit Venus-Music for Space Tourism Vol.1 (1995)

Visit Venus is a German duo comprised of producer "Super Mario" von Hacht and hip-hop DJ Mario Cullmann. The pair's lush, jazzy electronica is the German answer to the loungey beat science of such outfits as Thievery Corporation and Nightmares on Wax. Their debut album, Music for Space Tourism, Vol. 1, hit Europe in late 1995 and since its U.S. release in 1996, has become a chill-out DJ classic.

1.Brooklyn Sky Port (Departure)
2.First Man on the Moog
3.One Step Beyond
5.Shaft in Space
7.Venus Beach Resort
8.One Passenger Lost
9.Orbital Workshop
10.Harlem Overdrive

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Unabombers (Justin & Luke), this Sunday 14th october 2007 at BBluz cafe (Athens-xalandri)

The Unabombers are Luke Cowdrey & Justin Crawford. As residents and promoters of the Electric Chair the reputation of the Unabombers has grown hand in hand with the success of the club, which the pair started together in 1995.

Now one of the UK’s longest running club nights the Electric Chair & the Unabombers have been accorded cult status for their monthly night of madness and mayhem.

Since then the Unabombers have taken their sound around the many of the country and the world’s finest clubs and DJ’d with a "who’s who" of the world’s best DJ’s including, Danny Krivit, FK, DJ Spinna, Joe Claussell, Carl Craig, Gilles Peterson, Derrick May, Theo Parrish, Osunlade, Harvey, Metro Area and the list goes on... The following are just a few of the clubs/nights they have visited recently: Plastic People, Faith, To The Manor Born, Southport Sessions, Back To Basics, Bugged Out, Heavenly Social, 333, Fabric, Slam, The Hacienda, along with numerous festivals home and abroad such as Homelands, T-In-The-Park, V and Creamfields.

The Unabombers also DJ regularly across Europe including residencies they hold in Barcelona & Paris. Most recently they have also toured further afield, having played in the USA, across Australia and in Thailand.

Central to the sound of this underground Manchester club is the open-minded music policy of the Unabombers. Their sets are characterised by a flow through genres with everything from house, disco, hip-hop, broken beat, Latin, soul, r&b and techno thrown into the pot, and making the links between quality music with a rich vein of funk and soul.

check the flyer for further info about the Unabompers at Athens

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Robert Moog (May 23, 1934 - August 21, 2005)

Inventor of the electronic synthesizer which transformed the popular music-making. Though instruments to make electronic music had been devised as early as 1900, it was not until the 1970s that electronic music was widely heard — and it was played on the keyboards invented by the US engineer whose name became synonymous with the synthesizer, Robert Moog. He died on August 21, 2005 at his home in Asheville, N.C. He was 71.

Robert Moog was born in 1934, in New York City. His academic degrees include a BS in Physics from Queens College (New York City), a BS in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University (New York City), and a PhD in Engineering Physics from Cornell University (Ithaca, New York). His mother was determined that he would become a concert pianist, but he had more interest in his father’s hobby of electronics, and by the age of 15 had already built his first theremin.

In 1954, Moog founded the R. A. Moog Company as a part-time business to design and build electronic musical instruments. The company became a full-time business in 1964, the year it introduced a line of electronic music synthesis equipment. In 1971, the name of the company was changed to Moog Music, Inc, and in 1973 the company became a division of Norlin Music, Inc. Moog served as president of Moog Music until 1977.
By 1968 Moog had sold dozens of the instruments — their buyers included John Cage and Mick Jagger — and they had been heard on records by the Monkees and on the Beatles’ Abbey Road, but the time-consuming nature of their construction and an innate lack of business sense was threatening to capsize Moog’s company. Then one of his customers, Walter (now Wendy) Carlos, released an album of Bach’s music recorded entirely on a Moog synthesizer. Switched-On Bach (1968) was a near-overnight sensation; it sold several million copies, introduced electronically generated music to a wide audience and alerted the recording industry to its potential.

Moog capitalised on this success in 1970 by building the Minimoog, the first portable synthesizer. Although it had a range of only three and a half octaves, its size meant that musicians could take it with them on stage or even back home, a flexibility that — when duplicated by tens of thousands of cheaper Japanese models — would ultimately revolutionise pop music, which was now no longer the preserve of those who could play a complex instrument.
From the early 1970s onwards, Moog music began to be heard worldwide, first on film soundtracks such as that for A Clockwork Orange (1971), which was played by Carlos, and later on dance records such as Donna Summer’s I Feel Love (1977). Herbie Hancock tookthe synthesizer into jazz, while keyboard-based bands — among them Yes and Genesis — rose to new heights of popularity. When they were displaced by Young Turks such as U2 and the Police, the upstarts were building their sound around Moog’s Taurus bass synthesizer. Digitisation would soon overtake Moog’s analogue machines, but like Leon Theremin and Adolphe Sax before him, he had brought something entirely new to music, and not merely one instrument but a veritable orchestra.

Moog's awards include honorary doctorates from Polytechnic University (New York City) and Lycoming College (Williamsport, Pennsylvania); the Silver Medal of The Audio Engineering Society; the Trustee's Award of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences; the Bilboard Magazine Trendsetter's Award; and the SEAMUS award from the Society of Electroacoustic Music in the United States. He has written and spoken widely on topics related to music technology, and has contributed major articles to the Encyclopedia Brittancia and the Encyclopedia of Applied Physics.

Robert Moog, inventor of the Moog synthesizer, was born on May 23, 1934. He died of cancer on August 21, 2005. He was 71.

Gershon Kingsley - Popcorn (1969)

DJ Lil’ Tony (Finland)

No matter how you look at it, DJ Lil’ Tony, born Toni Rantanen, is the central character in Helsinki club scene. A member of the prestigious Nuspirit Helsinki collective and upcoming new electronic music project called Future Beat Investigatigators.

For a decade, he has amazingly been continuously on the top of the game, running the only Helsinki venues that are up to international club standards. From early 90s to mid-2000s it was Kerma, sOda and Rose Garden, today it is Redrum and Kuudes linja. In addition to all this, he is also one of the people behind Flow, the annual electronic/urban music festival in Helsinki, and the owner of the trendy Helsinki bars Porvoonkadun Baari and Siltanen.

read more here

LISTEN to DJ Lil’ Tony's new cosmic city vol.1 mix
Download DJ Lil' Tony's new cosmic city vol.1 mix (right click-save as)

Monday, October 8, 2007


Rub-N-Tug are Thomas and Eric D. They started out using Rub-N-Tug as the name of their legendary NYC based after-hours parties and it eventually stuck as the name for the duo. Their first mix cd was released as a promo item for the aNYthing clothing company. Since then, they have released a second mix cd for aNYthing called "Better with A Spoonful of Leather", as well as a mix cd for Fabric of London. Rub-N-Tug have DJed all over the world in such distant locations as Japan, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Austria and England.

They also have done a night called Campfire which was held at Gavin Brown's Passerby gallery/bar, located in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. The party spawned its own compilation for Eskimo records.

In addition to their DJing, Rub-N-Tug are in-demand producers who have remixes for Zero 7, Minimal Compact, !!!, Out Hud, Sly Mongoose, David Gilmour Girls, Roxy Music, and Coldplay under their belt.

Thomas is formerly of the SF based Wicked crew. He's a busy lad, in addition to Rub-N-Tug, he is one half of Map of Africa (a project band with DJ Harvey), and is the guy behind Bobbie Marie, Otterman Empire edits, and even had his hands in the origins of A.R.E. Weapons.

Eric has done tracks with DJ Spun under the name How & Why?. He likes chili cheese fries from Tommy's. A LOT.

read more here:official Rub'n'Tug site

mp3:rub'n'tug-the he

Sunday, October 7, 2007

LCD "losing My Edge" (2002)

For those born in the sixties (like my self) and music is always top
ingredient for the soup of happiness in their life and they don't stick all
their life with one music style and ignore or don't want to know the evolution and musical
progression this song brings a smile on our faces......I have friends listening ONLY punk rock,sixties garage & rockabilly since their teenage years at the '80,these friends don't have a clue about whats going on in music today,they lishen the same staff they use to listen 20+years ago and nothing else exist out of this sphere... Dont get me wrong,i am big fun of this music and i have a huge collection of vinyl from this area...many times records of sonics,cramps,chocolate watchband etc finding the way to my turntable but i cant live without all the other music styles that without label we can call ''quality music''......
NO categories,no tags...just a never ending blending and mixing.
Their is no parthenogenesis in music,someone has take something from someone else add or remove an ingredient and presents something new.
Stay open minded as out there is a lot of really good music coming out of the studios every day.FIND IT by any means necessary.
I lost track of my thoughts...sorry.i hope all the above make sense.
Enough said...i am sure you understand what i am trying to say.
......beloved groups,choices (turntables or guitars),
.....music styles ....
'' But I'm losing my edge to better-looking people with better ideas and more talent.
And they're actually really, really nice.''
''I hear that you and your band have sold your guitars and bought turntables.
I hear that you and your band have sold your turntables and bought guitars.''
I'm losing my edge.
Yes...as the song says...I WAS THERE
Great song...Check out the lyrics here


Really good time yesterday at Portokali lounge bar,this is definitely the place to be in Zakynthos island .Great food,drinks and most important this place have a good vibe
coming out of Heleni the persona owner and of course all the staff working there.
Too much to drink last night...as the last summer party (always easy to find excuse).
Guerreros de luz aka dimitri k & don giovanni (my self) want to thank all the Portokali team.
Some mp3 from last night play list... from the cosmic area...enjoy

the RAH band-electric fling
the duke of burlington-flash 83
johnny harris-odyssesy Pt.1
daniele baldelli-explorer
phantom slasher-backwards is the best way forward
arpadys-monkey star

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Don't forget tonight in few hours at PORTOKALI lounge bar,Zante island,Argassi GR.
GUERREROS DE LUZ are back for the last set of summer.
The weather seems to be cloudy....hope it doesn't rain...
So if you are around pop in and check us out.
As usual the duo will deliver cosmic vibes & abstract grooves.

Just one song from tonight playlist as i am running out of time for the gig.

mp3:Lexx - slow burning

Friday, October 5, 2007

Future Beat Investigators - LIVE (Raw Fusion)


In the spring of 2006, DJ Lil' Tony (of Nuspirit Helsinki fame) got together with Roberto Rodriguez from Track n Field and Kimmo Oksanen from Acid Kings (who both are also involved with a host of other projects) in the studio. The guys realized they have a common interest towards soulful, yet a minimal techno sound, and after long days and nights in the basement during the spring and summer the first tracks were finalized.

After sending out some demos to the heavyweights of the dance music biz, the Future Beat Investigators were soon noticed by labels such as Raw Fusion, Sonar Kollektiv's new Member of the Trick imprint and DJ Sasse's Mood Music.

Future Beat Investigators' sound is heavily infuenced by Detroit techno and the current Berlin minimal sound, as well as house and disco pioneers such as Harvey, Ron Hardy, Ron Trent, Chez Damier, Daniele Baldelli, Theo Parrish and Moodymann, with a measure of Marvin Gaye and Fela Kuti thrown in, topped with some Basic Channel - style dub influences.

Warm are very excited to announce we are now taking bookings for Future Beat Investigators (LIVE) Worldwide.

We now have a brand new live recording by Future Beat Investigators LIVE which you can download here:


If you would be interested in booking Future Beat Investigators LIVE please contact Ali @ Warm.

Ali Tillett
SUITE 36 / 99 - 109 Lavender Hill / London / SW11 5QL
Mobile +44 (0) 7891 260659
Email ali@warm-music.com
AIM/IChat alitillett@mac.com
MSN ali@warm-music.com
SKYPE warmhq
My Space www.myspace.com/warmagency
Website www.warm-music.com

The Mad Magazine flexidiscs (1980)

When the Mad disco issue came out in 1980, it was a few months after disco died, so the songs didn't pack the satirical wallop I expected to my 12-year-old's sensibilities. Plus, the two-sided flexidisc, at 30 minutes-plus of music, is hard to play: the grooves are so close together, which makes it easy for the needle arm to skip, even slide, across the record.

Some of this is to say that the digitizations I made aren't exactly flawless--there's skips and pops all over the place. I kind of like it: it makes the whole project of recording it like a museum piece preservation. Someone can correct these.

Here's two tracks:
The Disco Clap
Sorry, No Words

This post is from www.danielnester.com

Michael Andrews-the artifact and living (Donnie Darko ost)

Michael Andrews is a Los Angeles musician and film score composer. He is best known for a cover version of the Tears for Fears song "Mad World", which he recorded with Gary Jules for the Donnie Darko soundtrack, and which became a number one single in the UK in Christmas 2003.

read more here
mp3:Michael Andrews-the artifact and living

porcupine tree-colourflow in mind (Album: Stars Die : The Delerium Years 1991-1997)

Porcupine Tree was born in 1987 as a psychedelic, experimental, and progressive music outlet for the home studio explorations of Steven Wilson. In fact, Wilson had already been making music for several years, as a musically precocious teenager who taught himself to play guitar and keyboards, and whose early tape releases with bands such as Altamont and Karma had already become known in the London musical underground (these tapes, which included early versions of later PT tracks like "Nine Cats," "Small Fish," and "This Long Silence," would eventually become highly-valued collectables, a circumstance Wilson describes as "a bit like a painter having his nursery school blots exhibited".

read more here

mp3:porcupine tree-colourflow in mind

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bat For Lashes live on bbc radio 1

bat for lashes perform ''higher than the sun'' live on bbc radio 1
Bat For Lashes - Whats a Girl To Do

Bat For Lashes is the work of British singer/ songwriter, multi- instrumentalist and visual artist Natasha Khan. Born in 1979, yet combining influences that span decades, Natasha’s work dwells in the elemental, emerging in timeless forms.
Bat For Lashes’ music is bold and vivid. Her live shows, with accomplices Ginger Lee, Abi Fry and Lizzy Carey, are made up of thunderous marching band drums, desert guitar, ballet school piano, harpsichord, sub-bass snarls, hand-claps and naive beats, with the women fluidly switching and swapping their instruments between songs. There are also interludes of exquisite heartbreak; the piano ballad 'Sad Eyes' has on more than one occasion left audience members in tears. Her debut album Fur and Gold is a very special record, a cohesive collection of songs so haunting and mesmerizing it makes a striking impression on all who hear it.
It was whilst working as a nursery school teacher, following her university degree in film and music, that Fur and Gold album opener 'Horse & I' came to Natasha in a dream. Inspired by tales of Joan of Arc, Natasha is woken by a black horse at the window and sent on a fateful quest. This extraordinary dream became the muse for the songs that now comprise Fur and Gold.
Recorded in London and Brighton, Natasha co-produced the album with David Kosten (Faultline). Recurrent themes of natural forces and animal kingdoms, rugged English cliff tops and engulfing oceans – highlighted on the lament 'Seal Jubilee', are juxtaposed by the energy of ra
ough urban living, teenage bedrooms and the freedom of California highways. Josh T Pearson (Lift To Experience) guests, adding guitar and vocals on three tracks – the brooding live favorite 'Trophy', 'Seal Jubilee' and the finale 'I Saw A Light', adding the kind of hymns and chaos that only the son of a preacher could provide.
Bat For Lashes played her first big show in London supporting CocoRosie at the Scala at the end of 2005. A year later almost to the day, Bat For Lashes headlined a sold out Scala, where the likes of Bjork, Nellee Hooper and Brett Anderson were to be seen in the sold out crowd. Other fans include Devendra Banhart, Jarvis Cocker and Thom Yorke (who chose 'Horse & I' for his iTunes Top Ten Playlist, saying "I love the harpsichord and the sexual ghost voices and bowed saws. This song seems to come from the world of Grimm's fairytales, and I feel like a wolf.")
Having spent parts of her childhood in Pakistan, Natasha Khan now lives by the se
a in England.

find our more here
Bat for Lashes on myspace here

momus-I Want You, But I Don't Need You (1997)

MOMUS SAYS: It's 1997. Sony's PlayStation dominates the console world. Momus returns to London, where a new generation of pop groups - Jack, Orlando, Belle and Sebastian - are drawing inspiration from his work. He releases Ping Pong, his 'new concept in electronic song systems'. Snap one of the characters (supplied) into the neat handheld console and enjoy many hours of gaming fun in role. Who will you be today?

mp3:momus-I Want You, But I Don't Need You (1997)

[ from the album "Ping Pong" (1997) ]


I like you, and I'd like you to like me to like you
But I don't need you
Don't need you to want me to like you
Because if you didn't like me
I would still like you, you see
La la la
La la la

I lick you, I like you to like me to lick you
But I don't need you
Don't need you to like me to lick you
If your pleasure turned into pain
I would still lick for my personal gain
La la la
La la la

I fuck you, and I love you to love me to fuck you
But I don't fucking need you
Don't need you to need me to fuck you
If you need me to need you to fuck
That fucks everything up
La la la
La la la

I want you, and I want you to want me to want you
But I don't need you
Don't need you to need me to need you
That's just me
So take me or leave me
But please don't need me
Don't need me to need you to need me
Cos we're here one minute, the next we're dead
So love me and leave me
But try not to need me
Enough said
I want you, but I don't need you

La la la
La la la

I love you, and I love how you love how I love you
But I don't need you
Don't need you to love me to love you
If your love changed into hate
Would my love have been a mistake?
La la la
La la la

So I'm gonna leave you, and I'd like you to leave me to leave you
But lover believe me, it isn't because I don't need you (you know I don't need you)
All I wanted was to be wanted
But you're drowning me deep in your need to be needed
La la la
La la la la la la la la la

I want you, and I want you to want me to want you
But I don't need you
Don't need you to need me to need you
That's just me
So take me or leave me
But please don't need me
Don't need me to need you to need me
Cos we're here one minute, the next we're dead
So love me and leave me
But try not to need me
Enough said
I want you, but I don't need you

read more for momus here

general strike-danger in paradise (1979-1982)

general strike - david toop, steve beresford

performed by:

david toop: guitar, prepared guitar, bass, percussion, flute, alto flute, glockenspiel, voice, tapes, noises, rhythm tracks

steve beresford: bass, piano, farfisa organ, prophet 5, trumpet, flugelhorn, euphonium, percussion, glockenspiel, voice, toy piano, melodica, noises, rhythm tracks, drumkit

david cunningham: tape treatments

with guests:
lol coxhill: tenor saxophone guided missiles and soprano saxophone -interplanetary music and dub
dawn roberts: voice -my other body
maartje ten hoorn: violin -interplanetary music

produced by david cunningham, david toop, steve beresford
recorded september 1979, august and october 1981, january and april 1982
mixed june 1982, additional mixing october 1984, august 1995

track listing:
1 my other body
2 the fatal glass
3 next day
4 babycart to hell
5 snowdrops
6 the barkless dog
7 interplanetary music
8 parts of my body
9 bamboo house of dolls
10 interplanetary dub
11 we travel the spaceways
12 friendless animals
13 sea hunt
14 guided missiles
15 danger in paradise

these recordings were originally released on cassette by touch in 1984 with the exception of parts of my body, released on a single by canal records in 1979 . The CD release has a misprint in the track order, tracks 7 and 8 are reversed , the listing above is correct.

MP3 :general strike-danger in paradise

read more for GENERAL STRIKE here

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

spotnicks-the rocket man (1962)

Sorry,i just couldnt resist posting this.Cool outfits and unbeaten choreography.
Back in 1962 is the SPOTNICKS and the ROCKET MAN.
Izampel gave me the tip for this one....Thanks Iza!

back to champions league now.

Essential Mix 2007.05.06 - Lindstrom & Prins Thomas

Don't miss this!!! 2007.05.06 essential mix on bbc radio 1 by linstrom & prince thomas.Definitely one of the best ''essential mixes'' of 2007.
well done boys!!!

mp3:lindstrom & prince thomas (bbc/radio1 essential mix)


Al Usher ‘Her Today’ (Misericord)
Aeroplane ‘Aeroplane’ (Eskimo)
Lindstrшm & Solale ‘Let It Happen’ (Azuli)
In Flagranti ‘Bipolar’ (Codek)
No Theory ‘Devils Dance’ (Sin&Soul)
Lindstrшm ‘Musikal Overtones’ (Feedelity)
Sneak Thief G-String Orchestra ‘My Sullen Mistress’ (Klakson)
Ytre Rymden Dansskola ‘Kjappfot(PT Edit)’ (Full Pupp)
Runaway ‘Shadows’ (Wurst)
Max Mohr ‘Assonja Swynja’ (Playhouse)
Dettman Vs.Moroder ‘Quicksand/Utopia Mash’ (White Label)
Faze Action ‘Stratus Energy’ (White Label)
M-D-Emm ‘Get Acidic’ (Transmat)
Centrific ‘Somebody Went To Detroit And All I Got Was The Itchy Hawtins’ (Drop Bass Network)
Fleetwood Mac ‘You Make Lovin' Fun (Trailmix)’ (White Label)
M E ‘Rnb Drunkie’ (Golf Channel)
Wild Rumpus ‘Musical Blaze Up (Rub & Tug Bitches Remix)’ (Bitches Brew)
Chairmen Of The Board ‘Party’ (Invictus)
(Interlude) Rare Earth ‘Get Ready(Live Version)’ (EMI/Motown)
Niagara ‘Sangandongo Part 1’ (White Label)
Solomun & Stimming ‘Eiszauber(Diynamic’ (White Label)
Still Going ‘Still Going Theme’ (DFA)
Lindstrшm ‘Contemporary Fix (Bjшrn Torske Remix)’ (Smalltown Supersound)
Nick Chacona ‘Mariacha’ (Internasjonal)
Lindstrшm & Prins Thomas ‘Nummer Fire En’ (Short Edit)

Have to go now,champions league is about to start.
be back tomorrow for essential collection TAPE compiled by Don Giovanni (guerreros de luz).

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

DJ HARVEY september 29H AT WASHINGTON DC.our man on the spot,alex h reports...

Alex h reports:
harvey sighting in DC!!! :-)) the man is in top form!!!! when i mentioned
our gigs this year with the idjuts, daniel wang, garth, etc. he said
"aaaaa, they're all my children!!!" CLASSIC!!! :-)) he's our daddy!!!

anyways, we're off to new york today, checking out dee dee
bridgewater at the blue note tomorrw and then the wurst re-edit folks
with pilooski (of beggin' fame) on thursday at apt. after that it's
san francisco to check on garth at 222 on friday, then further up
north to check out some west coast wilderness! :-)

further updates and pics soon!!!

sophia - alexees

Thanks alex!!!
stay tuned,more info from alex h and his trip in US is on the way.

Cosmic Disco PARODY (or not?)

I really love the ''cosmic'' scene and i have a collection of 12'' but as usually
with hype musical movements an overdose of thrash collections and 12'' of italo-cosmic-space music is reaching the shelfs of music stores around the globe.
While surfing youtube I found this parody; video of italo genre by this guy called ZLAD ...mastermind!!!

I really love the ''cosmic'' scene and i have a collection of 12'' but as usually
with hype musical movements an overdose of thrash collections and 12'' of italo-cosmic-space music is reaching the shelfs of music stores around the globe.
While surfing youtube I found this parody; video of italo genre by this guy called ZLAD ...mastermind!!!

Cosmic disco

Cosmic disco (also called "Cosmic music","the Cosmic Sound,"etc.) is a style of dance music named after the "Cosmic" nightclub in northern Italy, which the cosmic disco scene was centered around. The Cosmic scene's most notable DJ was Daniele Baldelli, who was hired as Cosmic's DJ in 1979; Stylus Magazine has described Baldelli and Beppe Loda as Cosmic Disco's pioneers. The Cosmic Sound included a very diverse range of musical styles, from electro and funk to jazz fusion and Brazilian music. Peter Shapiro described Baldelli's music as a "combination of spaced-out rock and tribal percussion." One genre that was usually not part of this mix was Italo disco, which Baldelli believes was generally too mainstream and commercial.The music's speed has been characterized by different sources as slow and mid-tempo; Baldelli himself states that he usually played at 90-105 bpm. Baldelli would also play 45 RPM records at 33 and vice versa.Cosmic music has been cited as a "touchstone" for contemporary "space disco" artists like Lindstrøm collaborator Prins Thomas and Andy Meecham of Chicken Lips. It has also been cited as an influence on some later Italian house songs, such as Sueño Latino.
The Cosmic club itself was located in Lazise, a small town on Lake Garda. The club had a capacity of 1000 and decor inspired by American clubs like Odyssey 2001 (where Saturday Night Fever was filmed) and Studio 54.

mp3:electric fling-the RAH band
mp3:el valero-Lucio Battisti
mp3:body to body (intro disco dub)-Gepy & Gepy
mp3:erotic space-Miha Kraij

a sample of cosmic disco tunes....enjoy...
stay tuned for further future posts.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Fat Freddy's Drop

From the underground to the higher-ground, Fat Freddy's Drop is the South Pacific soul monster doing it for the love of music, and food!

The essence of Freddy's hi-tek dub-soul boil up is hypnotic live performance, mixed with savvy independent CD, vinyl and DVD releases, all served on Island Time.

Freddy's watershed year was 2005 when the bros dropped their debut full-length album, Based On A True Story, re-writing musical history at home and unleashing the slow burning, future-funk voodoo worldwide.

It's been a fantastic voyage so far for the midnight marauders representing Aotearoa/NZ, the land of the long white cloud and there are plenty more jams and paua won tons to follow.

Too much Freddy's!

mp3:fat freddy's drop-hope

see you tomorrow people with a selection
of tunes coming from the cosmic area.

Friday, September 28, 2007


This just came in from Alex H (thanks man).
He is arriving at Washington SAT 29H early evening so he is going to be there!!!!!
lucky dude!!!sent us photo & info from the party....
So people if you are around don't dare to miss the sarcastic disco party hosted by dj Harvey!!!
Info for the venue on the flyer.

Medicine for the weekend

Not very busy at work today,every week seems to be less and less tourists at the island.
Not many days now for the end of season,30 to go......
looking forward for some holidays!!!!
hopefully this years snowing will be at a satisfying level so we can have at least
3 and half months of snowboarding.not like last year that snowboarding season was
just 40 days with the quality of snow being really disappointing.
So...for this weekend a collection of tunes to keep you smiling and positive plus
another video from 1977, magic fly by space,just watch the outfits and the mini moogs of these
guys....listen to the tune people and don't forget is 1977!!!!!!!!

mp3: tosca-rondo acapricio
mp3: uko-do yoursekf some good
mp3: the funky lowlives-nevermore
mp3: dj cam feat.china-he's gone
mp3: annie-the wedding(lindstrom & prins thomas rmx)
mp3: radio citizen feat.bajaka-the hope
mp3: china bear-vodka
mp3: koop feat.yukimi nagano-see a different you
mp3: rara avis-footsteps
mp3: bonobo-days to come

see you all on monday..till then...stay cool!!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

supermax-love machine (1978)

Now here a classic one.
From legendary German-Munich based disco band ''Supermax''.
Back from 1978 is the ''love machine'',floor filling tune.
If your feet don't move with this then something is wrong!!!


Yes they are back!!!!
GUERREROS DE LUZ aka Don Giovanni + Dimitri k
are back at PORTOKALI lounge bar with their
essential ''summer of zen'' mix.
A collection of cosmic vibes & abstract grooves as usual will
be delivered from the duo.
Dont miss the gig if you are in the area.
the venue is located in Zakynthos island GR,Argasi tel.+30 26950 45730

Sunshining again

Although the end of summer is almost here the sun deside to take revenge today giving
as a very hot day.Its time for swimming again.Not so many people at Tsilivi beach (Zakynthos island,Greece) the last days as the sea getting colder.
The photo is from Tsilivi beach.
All mp3's posted today is related to summertime.
Few more tunes for you people out there...
Its all about love.
As a very beloved person text me few days ago ''love is the most powerful drug in the world''.
so get out there and get addicted.....

mp3: sketch for summer-the durutti column
mp3: summer in siam-the pogues
mp3: summertime-pat methany group
mp3: summer in the city-quincy jones
mp3: summer kisses,winter tears-julle cruise
mp3: one more summer of zen

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

wed 9:10 ...beggining of the blog

my name is Giannis,this a blog about music,art & random thoughts about cosmos.
This is the first format of the blog,at the moment this is experimental stage, with time (hopefully)
it will have a more specific id.
As english is not my native language please forgive any mistakes.
Today we will begin with some mp3's giving the musikal orientation of this blog.
End of summer in Zakynthos island,Greece (where i am at the moment),windy and cloudy...
I need a 3 minutes escape and ''general strike'' with ''interplanetary dub'' deliver.

download: interplanetary dub-general strike

thats all for today,enjoy this great example of cosmic-abstract groove and log in tomorrow
some extra tunes.....