Thursday, November 1, 2007

Quick update and two mp3

Still haven't move to the new house and is difficult to make proper update
as i have to visit friends houses with my laptop to use their internet.
Hopefully in 2-3 weeks i will move in and be able to spend more time with
the blog.
At the moment i spend most of my time finishing the last details at the house.Have you ever build a house?
If yes,you know what i mean.
I cant wait until its over and i have settle in finally.
So today for you just 2 mp3 from what we heard at the legendary by now
bbq@alexees (see older posts for info & photos).
left photo the master of re-edits Greg Wilson (check the mp3)

lishen mp3:
download mp3:dc la rue-cathedrals (greg wilson edit)
lishen mp3:
download mp3:every way but loose (larry levan remix)-plunky & oneness of juju

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