Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Dining Rooms-Other Ink (2008)

Artist: The Dining Rooms
Title: Other Ink
Released: November 2008
Format: Unmixed Audio CD, 224kbps / 44,1kHz
Label: Schema Italy
Genre: Nu Jazz, House, Broken Beats


01. The Dining Rooms - "Ink" (The Cinematic Orchestra Instrumental edit)
02. The Dining Rooms - "Ceremony" (Populous Sulphur Tsunami version)
03. The Dining Rooms - "Fatale" (Christian Prommer remix)
04. The Dining Rooms - "Thank You?" (Skewrls Ungrateful Love mix)
05. The Dining Rooms - "On The Beach" (Santino Burnetto remix)
06. The Dining Rooms - "Thank You?" (Radio version)
07. The Dining Rooms - "Exit A New York"
08. The Dining Rooms - "Hear Us Now" (The Invisible Session rework)
09. The Dining Rooms - "Free To Grow" (S-Tone Inc remix)
10. The Dining Rooms - "Cobra Coral" (The Juju Orchestra remix)
11. The Dining Rooms - "Ink" (Live At Teatro I)
12. The Dining Rooms - "Ceremony" (Marcello Testa Trio rework)
13. The Dining Rooms - "Ink" (The Cinematic Orchestra vocal mix)


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

christmas day @ k44-black athena

First off Happy Holidays to one and all - we hope that 2008 brought you some special times and that 2009 will be bigger and better for everyone.. in the meantime we wanted to remind you all about this Thursday - our annual Christmas bash, this year taking place at K44 in Gazi.

Following some pretty dark days (and nights) of late we'll be celebrating the holidays, trying hard to re-discover some Christmas spirit(s) and escaping the cold... you can expect a thematic and unusual celebration kicking off as ever at around 10... Christmassy requests will also be taken so be warned and benevolently we'll be keeping things at a danceable tempo to help everyone burn off those extra seasonal calories - hope to see you all there!

Other than that we also have a quick reminder about the last two FM shows of the year -Saturday sees the first part of our year run down featuring all of the best music from 2008, then on Sunday part 2 of the best of will fill hour one, then in the second hour we have a massive year end treat for you all in the shape of a deep and heavy dub step / 2 step / garage and beyond guest mix from Inta (d2/Lowdown) that we've been anticipating for too long now - this is special so don't miss! (AIR 104,4FM / 1-3pm).

We will also (!) be doing a special one-off broadcast for VM radio on Saturday afternoon taking things on an urban take-over tip with a few more Christmas anthems and more - catch that between 3 and 5pm via .

Out for now,
Peace & Love
Black Athena

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Quiet Village - Silent Movie (2008)

01. Victoria's Secret
02. Circus of Horror
03. Free Rider
04. Too High To Move
05. Pacific Rhythm
06. Broken Promises
07. Pillow Talk
08. Can't Be Beat
09. Gold Rush
10. Singing Sand
11. Utopia
12. Keep On Rolling

DOWNLOAD:Quiet Village - Silent Movie (2008)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

...paint the flowers all black

athens dark city....
i wish tonight's rain wash away
our sins but not the tears...
R.I.P Alexi......

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Quantic Soul ORCHESTRA-Tropidelico (2007)

1. Tropidelico
2. Panama City
3. She Said What
4. Melodius Wayfarer
5. Regi Bugalu
6. Interlude
7. Lead Us To The End
8. San Sebastian Strut
9. Marrakech
10. Who Knows
11. Father
12. Los Olvidados

DOWNLOAD:The Quantic Soul ORCHESTRA-Tropidelico (2007)