Tuesday, October 2, 2007

DJ HARVEY september 29H AT WASHINGTON DC.our man on the spot,alex h reports...

Alex h reports:
harvey sighting in DC!!! :-)) the man is in top form!!!! when i mentioned
our gigs this year with the idjuts, daniel wang, garth, etc. he said
"aaaaa, they're all my children!!!" CLASSIC!!! :-)) he's our daddy!!!

anyways, we're off to new york today, checking out dee dee
bridgewater at the blue note tomorrw and then the wurst re-edit folks
with pilooski (of beggin' fame) on thursday at apt. after that it's
san francisco to check on garth at 222 on friday, then further up
north to check out some west coast wilderness! :-)

further updates and pics soon!!!

sophia - alexees

Thanks alex!!!
stay tuned,more info from alex h and his trip in US is on the way.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Should you have said 'still no imigration papers' right out loud!!! Nobody wants him more in Europe than his Europe fans, or in Japan than his Japanese fans but hey - we want him to be able to fly both ways and back for his son.

Alex said...

i just realized this was published on the web... it was taken from a private e-mail. i'm asking the blog owner to remove that particular info.