Thursday, October 18, 2007


Alex Storrer alias Lexx is one of Zurich's finest. His musical adventures began in his early teenage years. After being a die-hard Depeche Mode fan, he stumbled equipped with white jeans and soft Wallabees across clubs and DJs that hosted a variety of stone cold sounds. Herb Alpert's "Rotation" was on the menu as well as other sweets consisting of Disco, Hip Hop and early House. They used to call it dance music...and that is what people did to it.
But then Hip Hop came along his was and Lexx was on the forefront of the Swiss scene. Together with Bligg he formed Bligg'N'Lexx and was on the brink of a Rapstar's career.
Unfortunately or in this case fortunately, Lexx soon noticed that this style wasn't his and he cut his bonds to that way of doing music. After a 10-inch with his first Disco edit for Headman's Relish label, he released an album of Hip Hop instrumentals with a strong psychedelic edge in 2002 and was a DJ for the Loud Minority nights at the legendary club Dachkantine.These days, he is pretty much somewhere in the DeepDubDiscoHouse range with Balearic records for the great Bear Funk label or releases on Drum Poet Community under his more techy Kawabata disguise. If you ever spend a weekend in Zurich, make sure that you catch him at the fresh and infamous "Zukunft" (future) which will be his anyway.

mp3:lexx-symptom of the sea

mp3:lexx-slow burning


Lexx- "october 2005" mix (cosmic disco - deep house) download

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