Thursday, October 4, 2007

general strike-danger in paradise (1979-1982)

general strike - david toop, steve beresford

performed by:

david toop: guitar, prepared guitar, bass, percussion, flute, alto flute, glockenspiel, voice, tapes, noises, rhythm tracks

steve beresford: bass, piano, farfisa organ, prophet 5, trumpet, flugelhorn, euphonium, percussion, glockenspiel, voice, toy piano, melodica, noises, rhythm tracks, drumkit

david cunningham: tape treatments

with guests:
lol coxhill: tenor saxophone guided missiles and soprano saxophone -interplanetary music and dub
dawn roberts: voice -my other body
maartje ten hoorn: violin -interplanetary music

produced by david cunningham, david toop, steve beresford
recorded september 1979, august and october 1981, january and april 1982
mixed june 1982, additional mixing october 1984, august 1995

track listing:
1 my other body
2 the fatal glass
3 next day
4 babycart to hell
5 snowdrops
6 the barkless dog
7 interplanetary music
8 parts of my body
9 bamboo house of dolls
10 interplanetary dub
11 we travel the spaceways
12 friendless animals
13 sea hunt
14 guided missiles
15 danger in paradise

these recordings were originally released on cassette by touch in 1984 with the exception of parts of my body, released on a single by canal records in 1979 . The CD release has a misprint in the track order, tracks 7 and 8 are reversed , the listing above is correct.

MP3 :general strike-danger in paradise

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this is great thing! And also i impressd song #1