Wednesday, September 26, 2007

wed 9:10 ...beggining of the blog

my name is Giannis,this a blog about music,art & random thoughts about cosmos.
This is the first format of the blog,at the moment this is experimental stage, with time (hopefully)
it will have a more specific id.
As english is not my native language please forgive any mistakes.
Today we will begin with some mp3's giving the musikal orientation of this blog.
End of summer in Zakynthos island,Greece (where i am at the moment),windy and cloudy...
I need a 3 minutes escape and ''general strike'' with ''interplanetary dub'' deliver.

download: interplanetary dub-general strike

thats all for today,enjoy this great example of cosmic-abstract groove and log in tomorrow
some extra tunes.....

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