Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Synch was born in 2004 at Lavrio Technological & Cultural Park, an ex industrial area of unique beauty, focused on bringing the Greek and international audience in touch with contemporary sounds and images. Music, arts and new technologies coexisting in a 3 day festival. Keeping the pace with modernity Synch offers its audience the possibility to meet with some of the most interesting aspects of global culture.

SYNCH_MUSIC------> Synch"s main course is music but despite its focus on the various aspects of the contemporary electronic scene Synch denies all kinds of borders and separations that lead to limiting or rigidifying musical expression. The musicians participating in the festival originate from different backgrounds and currents to share their ideas discouraging easy categorization creating musical hybrids that constantly evolve.

SYNCH_NEW MEDIA ARTS-------> From its second edition, Synch Festival (2005 ) expanded through new parallel sections -New Media Arts, Cinema or Moving Image- that share a common starting point: the need to investigate contemporary worldwide urban issues creatively expressed through the use of new media.

MOVING IMAGE------> Synch ’s Moving Image section is an international non-competitive short film festival that became part of Synch Festival since 2005. It aims to present and promote works by greek and foreign audiovisual artists that are found beyond the conventions of narrative cinema while they experiment on image and sound by creative and innovative use of the new media. ___________________________________________________________________________ SYNCH 2008 LINE-UP: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TECHNOPOLIS: OPEN AIR STAGES ROISIN MURPHY (live) - UK HAPPY MONDAYS (live) - UK STEREOLAB (live) - UK LIARS (live) - USA HOLY FUCK (live) - CA MORITZ VON OSWALD TRIO feat. Moritz Van Oswald, Max Lodenbauer, Vladislav Delay (live) – DE, FI PONI HOAX (live) - FR ARCHANGEL MUSIC PRESENTS: ????S (live) - GR ?UDITORIUM 984 STAUBGOLD SHOWCASE: Klangwart (live) & Mapstation (live) - DE VLADISLAV DELAY (live) - FI TERRE THAEMLITZ (live) - USA SOISONG [Peter Christopherson (of Throbbing Gristle, Coil, Psychic TV), Ivan Pavlov] (live) – UK, RU SANCHO (live) - GR MENELAOS (live) - CY ARCHANGEL MUSIC PRESENTS: MONIKA (live) - GR ANGEL [Ilpo Väisänen (of Pan Sonic), Dirk Dresselhaus (of Schneider TM), Hildur Gudnadottir (Lost in Hildurness, Mum] (live) – FI, DE, IC EVENTLESS PLOT (live) - GR GOOD LUCK MR GORSKY (live) - GR CHRIS & COSEY (live) - UK D10 PALAMAS JUAN ATKINS (dj set) - USA KODE 9 (dj set) - UK PILOOSKI (dj set) - FR JAMAL MOSS a.k.a HIEROGLYPHIC BEING - USA THE FIELD (live) - SWE KHAN OF FINLAND (live) - DE PEDRO (live) – UK ELICA (live) - GR KREON (dj set) - GR LEMOS (dj set) - GR BENAKI MUSEUM: PINCH (dj set) - UK MORITZ VON OSWALD (dj set) - DE HEADHUNTER (dj set) - UK PEVERELIST (dj set) - UK KERNELCOREMODE (dj set) - GR MY WET CALVIN (live) YOUR HAND IN MINE (live) PARALLEL WORLDS (live) CHRONI? (live)


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