Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Opening party of the season at Yoga Bala this Friday

Yep, we're spinning all night long at the opening party of the season down at Yoga Bala for the Outro girls this coming Friday night so you can expect all the usual beloved Black Athena staples as well as some upfront beats, broken soul, mellow techno and any other made up genre you care to think of - it's all music, it's all love... (!)

Hope lots of you can make it out and warm the dancefloor up for what's set to be a wicked season by all accounts.

Black Athena @ Outro's Season Opener

Friday the 5th of September

Yoga Bala, 5-7 Riga Palamidou, Psirri

Doors 11pm, FREE entrance

Black Athena