Sunday, May 17, 2009

Alex Reece-So Far (1996)


1. Feel the Sunshine [Original Mix]
2. Jazz Master [Original Mix]
3. Intro One
4. Acid Lab
5. Pulp Fiction
6. Candles [Original Mix]
7. Ibiza
8. Intro Two
9. Out of Time
10. U R

"Call the album 'jungle for the dance masses'. So Far comes from noted junglist Alex Reece, but newcomers to breakbeats will have no trouble tapping their feet or keeping in rhythm to any of the songs here. Reece's massive Pulp Fiction single appears here as "Pulp Friction," and though the bassline is majestic, the beats are what matter in jungle; Reece just doesn't have what it takes to put him into Goldie/Photek territory. Goldie's Timeless is probably the closest touchstone to So Far, since both albums lean very close to house music (female diva vocals, skittery piano and synth lines, etc.). But in the end, Goldie spins heads while Alex Reece simply makes them bob." (AllMusic)

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