Thursday, June 25, 2009

Message from BLACK ATHINA team

Salutations one and all!

Post a double weekender of festivals we're back in town and wanted to drop you an inobtrusive line about this Saturday's get-together down at the summery Trova Music cafe in Athens' steamy heart;

Black Athena will be taking over the area to bring the truth to Trova in the form of underground hip hop’s finest offerings from the 21st century along with the crème de la crème of the beat scene and all manner of abstract innovations on an upfront musical menu that stays true to our regular radio offerings, while keeping it warped-out enough for a discriminating dancefloor!

This party just happens to co-incide informally with Black Athena's four year anniversary so come down and help us celebrate in style...
And while we're here we may as well also give another quick mention to the forthcoming Disco 3000 festival set to take place in Petrcane, Croatia from the 4th - 6th of September; tickets can be obtained oh-so-cheaply (!) here:
Black Athena @ Trova
Saturday the 27th of June
Trova Music Cafe, Athinas & Vlachava 9
Metro: Monastiraki
Doors: 10.30pm / FREE ENTRANCE

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