Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Life & Fun (Mudd Edit)
Disco Free (Faze Action Edit)
Phantom Rock (Toby Tobias Mix)
Cold Coke (Al Kent Edit)
Baby's Band (Leo Zero Edit)
Mystery Rock (Vlad Naywad Edit)
Music Robot (Unabombers Mix)
Let's Go To Brasilia (Ray Mang Edit)
Red Heart (Vlad Naywad Edit)
All The Bass (Phoreski Mix)
isco Free (Woolfy & Shady Re-Rub)
Funky Bass (Idjut Boys Edit)
Meteor One (Bonar Bradberry Edit)
Black Cars (Toby Tobias Acid Ape Mix)
Black Cars (Prins Thomas Edit)
Cold Coke (Mark E Mix)
Music Robot (Pete Herbert Mix)
Disco Free (Dirty Jesus Mix)
Life & Fun (Flx Mix)


Ivan Halen said...

Been Looking for This for ages and ages
Some excellent remixes here - especially Faze Action's and Ray Mang's

Thanks a Big Bunch for this


don giovanni said...

yes i know...
i took me a long time to find it myself....

don giovanni said...


the saucer people said...

Have been a huge fan of the French Tele Music library label for a while now, especially the original seventies Spatial & Co/Disco & Co volumes by Marc Chantereau, Pierre-Alain Dahan, Slim Pezin and Sauveur Mallia where most of these tracks have been taken from...anyway, I came across an EP last year with 4 or these re-edits on it BUT I had no idea there was a freakin' album worth of remixes!
You sir, have made my week!

Hearty interplanetary salutations!

don giovanni said...

saucer people i am really happy that i make your week!!!
take care my friend
stay on the groove!!!!