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Moodyman - Live on Giles Peterson's Worldwide - 11th Oct 2007

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Detroit house legend Kenneth Dixon Jr. (a.k.a. Moodymann), an outspoken voice in the world of electronic dance music, has made an exclusive appearance last week on Gilles Peterson's BBC Radio 1 show.

In his first-ever UK radio interview, Dixon talks about Detroit, music business, records, skating and more. Judging by the actual interview he seems like a very down-to-earth guy. Here's our favorite quotes:

"People pay too much attention to damn DJ, you know, but the talent is sitting on the turntables, you know."

"If you're looking for a hot DJ I'm probably the wrong person to call."

"There's only three things going to happen in Detroit. You're either going to sell or make cars, you're going to be a musician or you're going to be on drugs. There ain't too much in between that. You know, that's for a male. For female it would probably be prostitution."


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Flying Lotus - Dolly (Ahu Edit) // Test
Jill Scott - Crown Royale // Hidden Beach
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Linkwood Family - Piece Of Mind // Fire Cracker
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Amp Dogs Knight's - Im Doin Fine // Mahogani Music
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Moodymann takeover:

Moodymann - Freaky Lil Mama // Mahogani Music
Norma Jean Bell - I'm The Baddest Bi**h // White
Moodymann - No Feedback // Mahogani Music
Sly Stone - Can't Strain My Brain // Epic
Andres - Roots // Mahogani Music
Moodymann - Mama's Hand // Mahogani Music
Moodymann - One Night // Mahogani Music
Moodymann - Telephone Blue // Peacefrog
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Musicians' (Ubiquity) > Was (not Was) - Out Come The Freaks // Z Records/Island
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Josie Stingray Feat. J.Davey - Doin My Thing // Test
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J R Bailey - Just Me'N You // Passion Music

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