Sunday, September 19, 2010

Monsieur Minimal-Lollipop

The phenomenal success of his music has taken over many underground and mainstream radio stations in Greece. He participated in the City Campers project with 5 songs, 4 of which became major radio hits. He has performed live in numerous venues all over Greece and was a headliner in European Music Day 2008 and a finalist in Coca-Cola Soundwave 2007. The elements of his music are the key of his success: Simple and beautiful melodies, and words of love! We now present his debut album which includes all of his previous songs (re-recorded and re-mastered) plus a series of new radio hits! The package is completed by 2 killer remixes of the production team of The Flying Silly Brothers (a.k.a. Silly Boy Vs The Flying Lilis Brothers). The album is released with the support of Best Radio 92,6. Definitely worth taking a listen…


1 Lollipop (Album Version)
2 Smile
3 Beautiful
4 Soul
5 Missing You
6 Love Story
7 Love Is A Circle (Album Version)
8 Silk (Album Cersion)
9 B.M.F
10 Relaxation (Album Version)
11 Lovers
12 Soul (The Flying Silly Brothers Remix)
13 B.M.F. (The Flying Silly Brothers Remix)

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