Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sun Ra Dedication The Myth Lives On

label kindred spirit
style spirit jazz/psydellia/beat/glitch hop/deep house/future jazz
release 2003

1 Outerzone Band Space Chord 1 (0:55)
2 Jimi Tenor Love In Outer Space (4:16)
3 Recloose Paepulsariki (6:58)
4 Build An Ark The Stars Are Singing Too (Door Of The Cosmos) (Sunny In LA Mix) (5:21)
5 Outerzone Band Space Chord 2 (0:51)
6 Mustang Nuclear War (6:36)
7 Theo Parrish Saga Of Resistance (7:40)
8 Outerzone Band Suny (5:55)
9 Outerzone Band Space Chord 3 (0:23)
10 Mocky Departure Point (4:33)
11 Offworld Astro Black (5:40)
12 King Britt Black (A Shade Of) (8:12)
13 Outerzone Band Space Chord 4 (0:44)
14 Yesterdays New Quintet Nuclear War (4:00)
15 Outerzone Band Space Chord 5 (0:50)
16 Phillip Charles Deconstruction Of A New Era (5:27)


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