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It all started back in 1989. Jörg “Wicked E.” Rosenbaum and Thilo “der kraft” Kraft were teaming up in Frankfurt/Germany as the DJ-duo Marschmellows. They were DJs of the first hour in Germany and one of the leading influences on the newly forming European TripHop/Dub/NuJazz-Scene. In 1995 the duo also got into the production of music - the rest is history. They released three successful albums on the infamous InfraCom-label (“Klangsystem”/“rebound”/”:swat”) a highly appreciated double-DJ-mix album on Audiopharm (“From the decks of Marschmellows”) and a Remix-Collection on Caramelle/ZYX (“Mixes and remixes 1996 – 2003”) as well as almost 15 twelve inches and contributed to more than 100 compilations. The name Marschmellows as well as the two DJs themselves went around the globe. There are only a few countries left where the two guys haven’t played yet, but you can be sure, that it is only a matter of time, when this is going to happen…

In the beginning of 2004 Thilo and Jörg realized that their musical taste is going in different directions: Thilo found his love for Minimal House while Jörg prefers to play Breakbeats these days. They both made the decision to DJ separately, just to represent their own favorite styles - while still going along under the name Marschmellows, each of them pushing his own musical ideas to the limit separately. Jörg “DJ Wicked E.” Rosenbaum was digging Breakbeats from the very beginning of the Marschmellows’ DJ-career and found his main influence in Dub, HipHop and TripHop in the beginning of the 90s. With the first wave of UK Big Beat he could find himself getting lost in Beats and became a lover of this particular style of Rockin’ Dancefloor Music. These days he evolved into a specialist on all Beats and Breaks based Club-Music, no matter if you’re talking Downbeat, Funky Breakbeats, Nuskool Breaks or any other form of Hip Hop-based styles in between.

Rosenbaum started doing his first solo-remix away from Marschmellows in 2002 with a remix “Basstard” of Kopenhagen based beatfreak Ben Horn. You can find this remix on the Marschmellows DJ-Mix/album as well as on their remix collection. He continued his studio-work with his old friend and Marschmellows-producer Roland Hackl (Aromabar/Telemark/Vienna Scientists) at I/O studios Vienna. Besides his own productions under the moniker DJ Wicked E. they just finished the smashing remix for MTHeads’ “Yayaya, let me show them…”. It is released as a Promo-12” on the Hearse Company/UK and DJs and the club-crowds are digging it…

Own material consists of the rolling breaks-and-bass-styler “Kathmandu”, which is going around as a dubplate in the cases of the most important Breaks-DJs worldwide as well as still secret tracks and remixes that are getting traded on CD amongst insiders. New musical productions will also include collaborations with UK rappers MC Sirreal (Dub Pistols/Freestylers) and Bad Manners. MC Sirreal and DJ Wicked E. teamed up five years ago and MC Sirreal finally turned out to be the MC for Marschmellows on many big international shows. DJ Wicked E. and MC Sirreal take the MC/DJ-game to the maximum these days, as their experience in playing out together made them one of the best teams in Breakbeat. You shouldn’t miss them, if you have a chance to see them live…

No wonder, that they both have the desire to see their styles being represented on an album. In January 2005 the Funk Supreme-compilation was released. It is a double-DJ-mix-CD of finest, funky and uptempo Breakbeats, compiled and mixed by DJ Wicked E. with raps and lyrics of MC Sirreal. It is a unique piece of art and will turn many heads, as the form is new and represents a clubnight with DJ Wicked E. and MC Sirreal to the fullest.

In addition to this DJ Wicked E. and MC Sirreal play international gigs to promote the CD and bring their incredible styles to the clubs. DJ Wicked E. is also booked to play the Pink Panthers Penthouse Party Tour in Germany in cooperation with MGM and Virgin to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the legendary comic character Pink Panther. Tons of further solo-gigs national and international are already scheduled. Besides all the DJ- and production-work DJ Wicked E. is running his own label and DJ-booking-agency called Gene Poole together with his partner Christian Floeck.

2006 saw Rosenbaum reactivating the name Marschmellows and also starting his very own label Gene Poole Music. Connected to the Gene Poole Agency, Gene Poole Music delivers state-of-the-art breakbeat/electro from fresh german talents and producers all over the world. Gene Poole Music has released already the Marschmellows 12” “It ain`t right” (feat. MC Sirreal) and Boogie Army`s 12” “Das Tier”. More to follow.

You better keep your eyes and ears open for one of the busiest man in music-business, he will for sure rock a club next to you soon.

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