Sunday, June 8, 2008

''She Knew no other way'' 1973 OST by Mike Rozakis

During the summer of 1973, director Omiros Efstratiadis was making a crime film called "She Knew No Other Way". The film takes place in the cosmopolitan Greek island of Rhodes where a bunch of hippies spend their holidays seeking an easy and carefree way of life using legal and illegal means in order to get it.
The director needed a film score to match with the psychedelic scenes of the film which where overshadowed by a psychotic mixture of sex and violence. Mike Rozakis was the ideal composer for this film score. Carrying an excellent background in beat music, he managed to filter his influences through the fusion trends of jazz and his classical learning.

There is a wealth of styles throughout the film score. Funky breaks, jazzy grooves, fusion improvising and psychedelic effects. The innovative arrangements are enriched by the skilful performance of the musicians creating a unique avant-garde score.

Here is a video for "La Discotheque" (using scenes from the film) in high quality MPEG format.

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