Sunday, June 8, 2008

snooze-new york usa (2001)

With his debut album, The Man In The Shadow, released in 1997, Dominique Dalcan aka Snooze instantly proved himself as a highly regarded singer-songwriter on the French music scene. Audiences worldwide also acknowledged his talent and Snooze’s first album became (and to this day still is) one of the main successes of Belgian record label SSR/Crammed. It was released in 25 countries and several tracks from the album were licensed to some twenty compilations worldwide. The same year he wrote the soundtrack to Alain Berliner’s film “Ma vie en rose”, a motion picture receiving a Golden Globe for best foreign movie. Snooze’s second album Goingmobile is a warmer, more orchestrated production using many different sound architectures and multiple layers blended together over Latin percussion, featuring three distinguished vocalists: Franco-Israeli Nancy Danino, American Nicole Graham and jazz legend Deborah Brown The success of his albums led to collaborations with well known remixers Senor Coconut, Isolée and Freaks. The single ‘Did I give you much’ and its animated 3D video clip, produced by Partizan, also aired heavily on MTV. Moreover, Snooze’s music was used for advertising campaigns as well as feature films such as ‘The Truth about Charlie’, directed by Jonathan Demme. In 2002, Snooze trod the summer festival circuit playing at numerous parties such as Paleo in Switzerland, the Dour festival in Belgium and live gigs in France, Spain, Portugal and Canada. On this new recording, the centre of attention is Snooze’s compelling voice and his lyrics dealing with everyday life and people in search of emotional rescue. This new collection of songs, drenched in humanity, ventures into modern folk and elegantly blends itself with country music, lingering jazz and synthesized sounds.

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